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Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sarah Silverman among stars in ads for YouTube comedy week

 Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sarah Silverman among stars in ads for YouTube comedy weekYouTube’s first comedy week is shaping up to be a major event and it is being backed by a string of ads including a spot with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The movie star takes a moment or two to remind the world that he is a “a big fan of comedy” as we get a few ‘Terminator’ moments and an encounter with a group doing the Harlem Shake.

Old Spice guy returns as US president in Israeli beer ad

Old Spice guy, aka Isaiah Mustafa, is back on the small screen in an ad for Maccabee Beer, Israel’s leading beer brand.

In the ad Mustafa appears on a TV screen in a bar addressing a young man who when offered a Maccabee Beer by the barmaid says he doesn’t like the taste. 

Peta accused of killings thousands of animals at its HQ

Former 'N Sync singer lance bass in Peta adThis is something that they don’t put in the ads. The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) been accused of killing almost 30,000 animals in the last 11 years.

According to a blog on the Huffington Post, around 2,000 animals pass through PETA’s front door every year and very few make it out alive.

The FT celebrates 125 years with special cover

FINANCIAL TIMES CELEBRATES 125TH ANNIVERSARYThe Financial Times is going through some digital changes of late, and speculation continues about its future ownership, but none of that stops the paper celebrating its 125th anniversary today with a special cover. Today the paper has reproduced its original masthead in print and online along with a four-page pull-out section that reprints a selection of the best front pages and key moments in the FT’s history.

The Independent to become seven day operation with job cuts expected

The Independent is to become a seven day operation The Independent is to become a seven day operation under editor Chris Blackhurst. The restructure means that Independent on Sunday editor, John Mullins, will leave the company and there are unconfirmed reports that there will also be as many as 20 job cuts. The jobs cuts have not been confirmed and the Independent says it will be consulting staff and says it wants to minimise any compulsory redundancies.

The changes were announced today in a memo to staff. The restructure will also see the Independent and the Evening Standard, both of which are owned by Alexander Lebedev, share a newsroom that will include a TV studio. See the full memo to staff below.

Michael Winner’s finest marketing hour

Film director Michael Winner has died aged 77Film director, and unlikely brand spokesman, Michael Winner has died, aged 77. He was best known for directing the Charles Bronson film ‘Death Wish’ in 1974 and its later sequels,  but he became a star of the small screen in his later career when he starred in a series of ads for insurance brand eSure.

He was also well know for his journalism and his caustic ‘Winner’s Dinners’ restaurant reviews that he wrote for The Sunday Times.

NRA calls Obama elitist hypocrite as it goes on offensive in ad

The day before President Barack Obama unveiled proposals for gun-control to ensure the safety of children in the US the NRA has released an ad on its website calling the president an elitist hypocrite.  The ad focuses on the NRA proposal to put armed guards in US schools in the wake of the school shooting in Newtown Connecticut.

Times reader Hugh Grant stars in new Guardian ad as “long time reader”

hugh grant Great work by The Guardian in getting Hugh Grant to star in its new tongue-in-cheek ad as part of its ‘Own the Weekend’ campaign as reported by Campaign yesterday. In the three-minute spot, which has launched online first, before heading naturally enough to cinema and the big screen, Grant tells us he is a “long time Guardian reader”. Maybe he is, but we also know that the star of ‘Notting Hill’ likes to sample the competition as well as you can see in this picture here.

Is that Grant carrying a rival newspaper? He must have The Guardian delivered. Grant has, of course, of late been very much in the news not for his film work, but for the Hacked Off campaign and its efforts to highlight phone hacking by national newspapers.

Mayor Bloomberg launches hard hitting gun control ad

Mother of Tucson Shooting Victim Stars in Bloomberg's New Gun-Control Ad Follow-up to star-studded PSAIn the wake of the school shootings in Newtown, Connecticut, New York City mayor, Mike Bloomberg, pulls no punches in his on going  national gun law initiative. The campaign has launched a new ad featuring Roxanna Green whose 9-year-old daughter was shot and killed in the Tucson Arizona shootings in 2011.

Green lost her daughter in the same shooting that claimed five other lives and which nearly claimed the life of US Representative Gabrielle Giffords during a public meeting held in a supermarket parking lot.

Daily Mail boss tops GQ’s list of Most Influential Media Men in Britain

While Boris Johnson, riding on the tails of London’s Olympic glory, has taken the top spot in GQ’s 100 Most Influential Men in Britain in its February issue the media figures include bloggers, newspaper owners and columnists. The top media figure is Daily Mail owner Johnathan Harmsworth with indications that he is taking a more hands on approach to the business following the appointment of Geordie Greig at the Mail on Sunday last year.

The Mail scores very well in the list with Harmsworth joined by Mail Online editor, Martin Clarke, and Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre.