Scotland Yard confirms it loaned Brooks an ex-police horse

Scotland Yard has confirmed today that it loaned Rebekah Brooks, the former News International chief executive, a retired police horse.

Brooks, who resigned at the height of the hacking scandal last Summer, is reported to have ridden the retired police horse for a year at her farm in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire.

The loan, made in 2008 while Lord Blair was Met Commissioner, is likely to raise fresh questions about the close relationship between the police and the Murdoch media empire.

Most of the Met’s police horses are retired with The Horse Trust charity in Buckinghamshire.

Brooks, a keen rider, is married to racehorse trainer Charlie Brooks. A friend said: “Rebekah acted as a foster carer for the horse. Anybody can agree to do this with the Met if they have the land and facilities to pay for its upkeep,” according to an Evening Standard report.