What’s in store for marketers at Facebook’s conference tomorrow?

It seems like only yesterday we were gearing up for Facebook’s f8 conference, where Zuckerberg announced the latest raft of features for world’s largest social network.

And while most people are still grappling with the new Timeline and Ticker, Facebook is set to announce some major changes to the platform tomorrow at its first conference especially for marketers.

What’s interesting is Facebook has opted to hold the event in New York, rather than its home turf in Palo Alto, meaning the announcements are going to be geared towards advertising, with less focus on its consumer offering.

This makes sense for Facebook, which is looking for new ways to monetise the platform ahead of the IPO – particularly since new data show that growth is slowing on the platform.

As usual Facebook has been vague about details ‘not commenting on rumour or speculation’.

It has said the inaugural event is to:

share our newest solutions, actionable insights, and proven strategies that demonstrate how you can use social technology to drive business growth”.

Like with any major Facebook event, there has been a slew of reports from all the big tech blogs and news sites, pre-empting the announcements.

So what can we expect?

–         Mobile advertising – of course Facebook is going to be making moves drive revenue from its 425 million monthly active mobile users. Rumours are it will be through sponsored story type ad formats.

–         Timelines for brands it has been reported that a handful of brands will roll out the function, which enables them to ‘curate’ the experience on their pages with a scrapbook-like stream of activity.

–         New premium ad formats – with advertisers often complaining about the lack of creativity its current display ads enable, it is said to be phasing out its current ‘Classic Premium ads’ in favour of more engaging and targeted ones.

It appears that Facebook will be lay on the charm offensive tomorrow – attendees will not only be treated to ‘inspirational’ wokshops and a fireside chat with Sheryl Sandberg and an ‘esteemed guest’, but the company it is also laying on cocktails and an after party.

But while Facebook works hard to please agencies and marketers, to derive more value from its 845m users, it will have to ensure – as it always has done – that user experience is paramount.