Horsegate: I did ride Rebekah Brooks’s police horse Raisa, says Cameron

The Prime Minister David Cameron has admitted riding Rebekah Brooks’s ex-police horse, and apologised for three days of “confusion” about the affair, according to the Telegraph which has pursued the story like a trust worthy hound.

“The embarrassing admission raises questions about the closeness between Mr Cameron and Mrs Brooks, the former tabloid editor who quit as chief executive of News International at the height of the phone hacking scandal last summer.

“It emerged on Tuesday that Mrs Brooks was lent a retired police horse by the Metropolitan Police for two years.

“The horse, called Raisa, was stabled at Mrs Brooks’s farm in the Cotswolds from 2008 to 2010, before she was handed back to Scotland Yard,” the Telegraph reports.

Will this be an end to the long face horse jokes? Maybe not. While there is a funny side to this story others are sure it goes to the heart of the relationship between News Interntional and the Conservative-led government: