Unilever Germany launches F*** the diet campaign

Unilever in Germany has launched a campaign for its Du darfst slimming brand that has adopted the English slogan¬† “Fuck the diet”.

The campaign features a TV ad, created by Ogilvy & Mather Dusseldorf, that uses the slogan, which also appears all over its website.

In the TV ad, which you can watch below, the voice over artist cheerfully announces at the end of the ad, again in English, “Fuck the diet”.

The campaign is also displayed, complete with badge, on the Ogilvy website.

According to someone who has seen the ad on TV in Germany the TV spot is shown throughout the day starting with breakfast TV so kids can merrily repeat the slogan all day.

More than that they can even download a badge from the website in case they forget it. That seems unlikely.

The campaign also has its own Facebook page, which also proudly displays the badge. Although some on the page have pointed out the slogan fails:

“The saying has failed in every way. I don’t even know what to discuss it there: who is unfortunately just plain stupid. In particular, because the good woman, who speaks the text, a “wonderfully” German debate at the “f” part has. Apart from hijack this advertisement the target group that man / woman could eat unlimited much products of the “you may” (perhaps soon in the new German translated simply “fuck you”)-!”

It seems like an incredible snafu for a company like Unilever to run such a campaign for a mainstream brand that uses a globally recognised English language expletive. Truly a bizarre decision.

According to another while there has been much criticism from English speakers in Germany so far Unilever has done nothing about it.