Ken Livingstone launches party election broadcast as he takes fight to Boris

UPDATE – Ken Livingstone  got tearful at the launch of his election broadcast ad (below) put together to support his campaign to win back his old job as Mayor of London.

It was supposed to be because he was watching the stories of Londoners. Some have cast dispersions on that story.

The Guardian diary yesterday claimed actors were used, which today has been followed up by a Livingtstone knocking Labour blog. The allegation has been flatly denied.

Livingstone’s team has hit back, under a barrage of tweets, and said categorically that those seen in the ad are not actors.

FROM APRIL 11 – Ken Livingstone has launches his Party Election Broadcast, created by ad agency BETC, as he battles Conservative rival Boris Johnson to win back the job of Mayor of London.

The broadcast features as part of Livingstone’s manifesto launch, which took place earlier today with Labour leader Ed Milliband.

The ad will be publicly aired on BBC One tonight at 18.55 and on ITV and will run in total three times leading up to the London mayoral election on 3 May.

The ad shows Ken Livingstone on the side of, and understanding, ordinary Londoners and what they need. The Party Election Broadcast was street-cast for real ordinary Londoners and Livingstone’s words are delivered by them.

The airing of the new PPB follows yesterday’s news that BETC London has been appointed as the agency of record for Ken Livingstone’s mayoral campaign.

The agency is planning a series of issue-driven ads leading up to the election on Thursday 3 May.

Earlier this year, the agency created an ad highlighting how, under Boris Johnson, Tube and bus fares have risen dramatically.

The ad ran in the London Evening Standard. This was followed by ‘Watch out, there’s less police about’, inspired by the classic 1960’s ads run by the COI: ‘Watch out! There’s a thief about’.

Last night Johnson’s own PPB aired on TV in which he defended his time in office (see below).

It follows last week’s news that Johnson is Londoners’ most trusted mayoral candidate, particularly among men.

Johnson beats his London mayoral competition when it comes to reputation, but does significantly better among men than women, according to PRWeek/OnePoll research.