Burger king launches the “Burger king Bacon Sundae”

This has to be up there with Scotland and fried Mars bars. In the US Burger King is trialing a new dish called the Burger King Bacon Sundae, which is exactly what you think it is: ice cream with bacon.

The new dessert dish item is served as a cup of soft-serve vanilla ice cream drizzled in hot fudge sauce and topped with chunks of cooked bacon.  It is is currently being tested in Nashville, Tennessee, according to a Miami Times blog:

But maybe the execs aren’t so crazy after all. Bacon seems to be the word these days. Denny’s had a maple bacon sundae one year ago for a “Baconalia” Festival that had included vanilla ice cream slathered in maple-flavored syrup and sprinkled with bacon bits.

Jack in the Box recently debuted a limited-edition bacon milkshake last February, a debauched dessert that fills arteries with bacon grease and greases sphincters at the same time–all with a cherry on top.

Living in America is guaranteed death from eating something. Pick your pathology: obesity, cancer or diabetes. So you might as well drive to Nashville and drop your panties in lust over this new BK bacon sundae, the Miami Times writes.

Image via Grubtrade which reports that Sweet Potato Fries, BBQ sammies (burger, grilled chicken, and pulled pork varieties) and Frozen Lemonades are also being tested.