Boris Johnson depicted as member of alien trio in final Livingstone ad

The Ken Livingstone Mayoral campaign team has released its final poster ad as Londoners today go to the polls to elect a new mayor for the capital.

Created by ad agency BETC London it positions Conservative candidate and sitting mayor Boris Johnson in between David Cameron and George Osbourne and the three of them have been turned into (Tory) blue aliens with antennae.

The agency says the copy is designed to remind people of all the “disastrous Tory cuts and that ‘The Tories are on a different planet’ ” in order to remind people that London is “Better Off With Ken”.

Matthew Charlton, CEO, BETC London, said: “Amusingly our creative team were inspired by the Klangers when they came up with this idea. It seems poetically apt and by the response we’ve had to the ad it suggests there’s a lot of Klangers still out there waiting to be used.”

He adds: “Political advertising, when it works, captures an unspoken spirit that unites people around a cause. We hope that with this execution we have achieved that.”