Channel 4 introduces the #Superhumans with its Paralympics ad

Channel 4 debuted its trailer for the 2012 Paralympic Games last night, featuring some of the “Superhumans ready to compete, set to a thumping soundtrack ‘Harder Than You Think’ from Public Enemy.

The effect is to create “a high-octane mash up of sweaty bodies, unfathomable sporting skill, stumps, prosthetics and super slow mos”.

The ad also includes a controversial car crash and bomb scene to remind us how some of the athletes started their journeys to the Paralympics.

Director Tom Tagholm says he knew that in making the ad they had to make some noise, add some edge and grit and attitude.

“And so we narrowed it down to about four or five concepts that we thought could be really strong, but then someone came up with this line – ‘Meet The Superhumans’. We really loved the attitude and the scale and the confidence of it. So we just built up from there to create the strongest, the most impactful concept we could get to run across TV and posters and online and in the press.

“You always have challenges when making films. We did about 15 or 16 days shooting in total, which is a hell of a lot for a project like this. We filmed at a lot of Paralympic test events which was very tricky in terms of access and how close we could get to the competitors and what sort of camera angles we could find that were new and felt special. It was a case of all the camera operators and myself keeping our eyes open at all times because there were people that we found and moments that we saw that we could have never predicted,” he tells  the C4 Paralympics blog.

You can watch the ad here.