ITV deals out disciplinary action for This Morning paedophile blunder

Phillip Schofield hands the Prime Minister a list of alleged paedophiles during a live interview last week. ITV has issued a statement saying it has taken disciplinary action against staff on its morning magazine programme, This Morning, following an incident last week that saw former children’s TV presenter, Phillip Schofield, hand the Prime Minister a list of alleged paedophiles during a live interview.

The surprise moment left many shocked and was widely condemned as an “outrageous stunt”.

At the time David Cameron said it was not the “right approach” and unproven claims “scrubbed off the internet” should not be bandied about in public.

ITV has taken unspecified disciplinary action against the This Morning team and issued a statement following the incident that TV regulator Ofcom said it had received more than 100 complaints about.

In a statement ITV, said: “Last Thursday we began an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the mistake on that day’s This Morning programme, for which both Phillip Schofield and ITV apologised. This investigation has now concluded and the appropriate disciplinary action has been taken.

“We sincerely apologise because the way in which the issue was raised was clearly wrong and should have been handled differently. We have taken steps to make sure our editorial processes are always properly followed, which was not the case in this instance, and to ensure such an error will not be made again.”

The clip of the incident on YouTube has been viewed more than 623,500 times.