The Sun Publishes ‘Hands Off’ Falkland Islands ad in Argentine newspaper

The Sun has responded to the move by Argentina yesterday to run an ad about the Falklands in British newspapers with an ad of its own.

On Thursday Argentine president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner called on Prime Minister David Cameron to relinquish control of the Falklands in an ad in the Guardian and Independent. She called the UK a “colonial power” for its continued ownership of the Falkland Islands.

Now the Sun has taken it upon itself to place an ad in a Buenos Aires newspaper telling Argentina to keep its “hands off” the Falkland Islands. The Sun’s ad, which appears in English-language newspaper the Buenos Aires Herald, reminds Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner that the 649 Argentinian and 255 British service men who died in the 1982 war fought to defend the principle of self-determination.

Unsurprisingly, Argentine journalist Celina Andreassi told BBC 5Live that the Sun ad would be greeted with anger: “People will wonder what has The Sun got to do with it.”