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The Sun Publishes ‘Hands Off’ Falkland Islands ad in Argentine newspaper

The Sun has responded to the move by Argentina yesterday to run an ad about the Falklands in British newspapers with an ad of its own.

On Thursday Argentine president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner called on Prime Minister David Cameron to relinquish control of the Falklands in an ad in the Guardian and Independent. She called the UK a “colonial power” for its continued ownership of the Falkland Islands.

Starbucks to cut paid lunch breaks and sick leave — low paid staff to fund tax bill?

Starbucks staff face losing paid lunch breaks, cuts in sick pay and maternity pay Starbucks still under pressure over its tax affairs has sparked fresh controversy with news that it is to cut paid lunch breaks, sick leave and maternity benefits for thousands of low paid British staff. The move suggests that staff at Starbucks could find themselves funding the US coffee giant’s new UK tax bill once agreed with HM Revenue & Customs.

At the weekend Starbucks said it was reassessing the amount of tax it pays in the UK, following major public backlash. It said it understood that it needed “to do more to maintain and further build public trust”.

ITV deals out disciplinary action for This Morning paedophile blunder

Phillip Schofield hands the Prime Minister a list of alleged paedophiles during a live interview last week. ITV has issued a statement saying it has taken disciplinary action against staff on its morning magazine programme, This Morning, following an incident last week that saw former children’s TV presenter, Phillip Schofield, hand the Prime Minister a list of alleged paedophiles during a live interview.

The surprise moment left many shocked and was widely condemned as an “outrageous stunt”.

Acting Director General Tim Davie walks out of Sky interview

Tim Davie: appointed to succeed John Smith as chief executive of BBC Worldwide in Oct 2012With the crisis surrounding the BBC showing no signs of abating this morning acting Director General Tim Davie, the former P&G and PepsiCo marketer, has walked out of an interview with Sky News. His speedy exit, as the cameras continued to roll, followed BBC Helen Boaden, the BBC’s director of news, and Stephen Mitchell, deputy head of news, stepping aside earlier this morning.

John Lewis Christmas ad is given an Ann Summers spoof

Ann Summers John Lewis spoofThis morning we gave you the new John Lewis Christmas ad. Many of you liked it, but others were disappointed saying it did not live up to 2011’s effort, which scored so many headlines and kind words. What is certainly true is that the John Lewis ad has become an advertising and media “event” giving the brand millions of pounds worth of free media.

Others were clearly ready and waiting to grab a slice of that John Lewis action. This unofficial spoof replaces John Lewis with erotic retail brand Ann Summers and puts a different, ahem, spin on the story.

Lessons for advertisers from the US election

Obama Ohio Field office MuralIn the Financial Times today a piece that has lessons for marketers. Taking a look at how despite the surge in traditional political advertising spend during the US election campaign, with billions of dollars spent, you can not simply outspend your rivals to win. This is particularly true when large numbers of people are not watching television for days at a time in any given week, which is why so much energy and time was put into multiple digital channels that have lessons of their own for the marketing industry.

The piece quotes research suggesting that rather than driving the message home blanket advertising is likely to have a negative effect.

Obama team propel Boris Johnson to heart of campaign in new Romney attack ad

Dan Hodges at the Telegraph has noticed how Boris Johnson could well be Barack Obama’s new secret weapon.

A clip of the London Mayor appears in an new attack ad for the Obama campaign ahead of the third and final Presidential debate.

It features Johnson’s rebuttal to Mitt Romney over comments that London wasn’t ready to host the Olympics. Turns out we were more than ready.

Rupert Murdoch considers bid for LA Times

Rupert Murdoch said to be interested in buying the La TimesRupert Murdoch’s love for newspapers shows no signs of going away. The News Corporation chairman and chief executive is reported to be in talks to by the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune from Tribune Company, which is due to emerge from bankruptcy shortly.

A report in the La Times says News Corp executives have held preliminary talks with Tribune’s debt holders, which will become majority owners of the company after it exits bankruptcy. This could happen by year’s end.

Quoting News Corp executives and others familiar with the situation the paper said a deal is by no means certain and that other potential buyers have expressed interest.

Brad Pitt debuts in Chanel No 5 TV ad

Money Ball star Brad Pitt appears in Chanel No 5 ad We reported back in May that Brad Pitt was to be the new face of the iconic perfume brand Chanel No 5.

Today Chanel has debuted the TV ad which will be followed by print ads.

Pitt is reported to have picked up $7m for the deal which sees a man promote the iconic fragrance created by Coco Chanel 91 years ago.

French magazine runs cartoon caricaturing the Prophet Muhammad

Following last week’s violence by Islamic extremists over an online trailer mocking the Prophet Muhammad a French satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo, has today published cartoons caricaturing the founder of Islam.

The provocative move has been justified by editor Stephane Charbonnier as “not really fueling the fire,” but commenting on “the news in a satirical way”.

However, the offices of the magazine are being guarded by riot police and French embassies are on alert today around the world.