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Newsweek’s anti-Obama cover is a surprise newsstand hit

Heavily criticised Newsweek's anti-Obama cover.Newsweek looks to have a newsstand hit on its hands for its much criticised anti-Barack Obama cover story.

The issue, with the cover line “Hit the Road, Barack”, was for a story by Harvard historian Niall Ferguson. The New York Times called the piece “unethical commentary”, others said editor in chief Tina Brown was simply trying to shock,”Slate called it “absurd”, while Andrew Sullivan writing on sister title The Daily Beast said it was “propaganda, not journalism“.

However, it turns out the cover may have also been a newsstand hit. Read more on Newsweek’s anti-Obama cover is a surprise newsstand hit…

News Corp faces US hacking lawsuits

Rupert Murdoch: faces possible phone hacking legal battle in the USThe New York Times reports that two British lawyers are preparing News of the World phone-hacking related claims in New York.

There have been reports of phone hacking trouble brewing in the US for Rupert Murdoch for months now, after the FBI said it was to investigate News Corp over 9/11 phone hacking claims, but now two prominent lawyers including Mark Lewis are said to be laying the ground work for possible legal action. Read more on News Corp faces US hacking lawsuits…