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Times reader Hugh Grant stars in new Guardian ad as “long time reader”

hugh grant Great work by The Guardian in getting Hugh Grant to star in its new tongue-in-cheek ad as part of its ‘Own the Weekend’ campaign as reported by Campaign yesterday. In the three-minute spot, which has launched online first, before heading naturally enough to cinema and the big screen, Grant tells us he is a “long time Guardian reader”. Maybe he is, but we also know that the star of ‘Notting Hill’ likes to sample the competition as well as you can see in this picture here.

Is that Grant carrying a rival newspaper? He must have The Guardian delivered. Grant has, of course, of late been very much in the news not for his film work, but for the Hacked Off campaign and its efforts to highlight phone hacking by national newspapers. Read more on Times reader Hugh Grant stars in new Guardian ad as “long time reader”…

Live blog – Rupert Murdoch at the Leveson inquiry

Highlights so far

–  Says Downing Street “don’t want me to be photographed going in the front [door of No 10]”.

Check out our Storify of some of the top #Leveson tweets today

– Murdoch says he was surprised when Cameron hired Andy Coulson.

– Murdoch talks about Gordon Brown recounts how the former PM said no alternative to make war on your company.”

Jeremy Hunt makes is statement to the house of commons

Murdoch talks about his relationship with Tony Blair and New Labour

Hunt’s adviser Adam Smith resigns.

Hacking and private investigators are a lazy way of journalists doing his job

– Sadly says he never interfered with the News of the World

Says The Sun has never been a better newspaper than it is now

“If you want to judge my thinking look at The Sun.”

– Has never pushed commercial interests in his papers.

Murdoch wants to put certain myths to bed

– Says “Don’t take my tweets too seriously … “

14:48 – That’s it we’re done for the day and back tomorrow.

14:34 – Jay brings up how Murdoch’s relation with Alex Salmond improved after 2007 after no contact for seven years. From 30 October 2007 there was frequent contact. Rupert Murdoch is a fan of the First minister and SNP leader.

Murdoch says he has a warm relationship with Salmond who he has been in contact with about his Scottish heritage and a “rough, tough” play in New York.

He says that the idea of Scottish independence is “nice” but that he’s “not convinced”. Read more on Live blog – Rupert Murdoch at the Leveson inquiry…

Murdoch drama ignites fresh talk of papers sale

The Evening Standard is reporting that with the news that James Murdoch is stepping down from News International, which broke yesterday afternoon, has sparked fresh speculation that News Corporation could sell its newspaper business, which includes The Sun and The Times.

Offloading the newspaper business is even something that News Corp admits it has considered — at least at some point. Although some might think it less likely with Rupert Murdoch personally overseeing the launch of the Sunday edition of The Sun. Read more on Murdoch drama ignites fresh talk of papers sale…

Hacking scandal spreads to The Times

The Times is being investigated by the Metropolitan police over email hacking claims, according to a BBC report. There are few details available yet, but is another sign that News International can not shake-off hacking allegations.

News of the investigation comes after it emerged at the Leveson inquiry last month that a controversial 2009 Times article that outed an anonymous police blogger, known as Nightjack, was based on material obtained by hacking a Hotmail email account. Read more on Hacking scandal spreads to The Times…